29 April 2013

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This blog started on 28 April 2013, is all about water and how to buy the best drinking water filters or water purifiers in India.



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  2. The post above has been updated today.
    To see my selection of the best water purifiers in India for home use, please visit this website page https://www.achawater.com/top-best-water-purifiers-in-india.html

  3. Livpure Smart Touch is India’s first smart RO, it can be controlled completely through your smart phone. I love this feature, as this is what is next generation technology. It has 8-stage advanced purification system & 8.5 litres of storage capacity. I bought this water purifier online from the Livpure website @ https://www.livpure.in/livpure-smart-touch-ro-water-purifier at a reasonable price Rs. 19,500 which is a discounted price of MRP 21,990
    This water purifier provides multiple dispensing options of Customized glass, customized bottle, and continuous water flow. The 8 different stages of purification provide clean and purified water.

  4. AO water is bad water filter. It has bad design where the insects can enter to your tank and you think you are drinking pure safe water? On top of it the servicing is pathetic.. take 5 days or more for service technician to respond

  5. You have said that Whirlpool Destroyer World 61005 6-Litre Water Purifier is the No.1 for home purpose. And you have also given a link to go the Amazon. But have you read the user comments. Read all critical reviews of the product. You may change your website or would like to give your counter to it.


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