11 November 2017

Best home water purifier in India, How to buy water purifiers in India

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The reason most people buy water purifiers is to protect themselves against germs, parasites, virus and bacteria in drinking water. This is an important reason to buy a water purifier, but more dangerous than any germs in water is if the water contained heavy metals. If water containing dissolved heavy metal salts is consumed for some time, you get what is known as heavy metal poisoning. Heavy metal poisoning causes bone deformities, stunted growth, cancer and several other symptoms and can lead to early death. Children suffer most when they consume water containing heavy metals.

Ordinary water purifiers including UV or UF water purifiers cannot get rid of heavy metals in water. Only an RO water purifier or a water purifier containing special ion-exchange resins can get rid of heavy metals in water.

Heavy Metals in water are dangerous because when water with just a little bit of heavy metal is consumed, it is readily absorbed by our body. The problem is that our kidneys and other organs cannot remove heavy metals absorbed by our body. When more water with heavy metals is drunk, more heavy metal enters our body, and it just stays in our system. This is called 'Bio-accumulation' of heavy metals. So in a matter of a few months or years, depending on the content of heavy metal in the drinking water, symptoms of heavy metal poisoning starts showing. Since there is no effective treatment for heavy metal poisoning as yet, persons with heavy metal poisoning symptoms are doomed to a life with disabilities and early death. 

Corporation or municipal supplied tap water will not contain Heavy Metals when it leaves the central water purification plants. But water is such a good solvent that it can absorb heavy metals from pipelines, water tanks, metal pumps or anything water comes into contact with. It is interesting to note that the first cases of heavy metal poisoning happened in advanced countries like USA, UK, etc. where it was common practice to have Lead pipes in houses. The water coming into the houses had no heavy metal content, but the short time this water was in the internal Lead pipelines in houses caused the heavy metal Lead from the pipes to leach into the drinking water and cause Lead poisoning, a form of heavy metal poisoning.

So what are the best water purifiers in India? I have selected the top 10 best water purifiers in India which are most effective against germs as well as heavy metal poisoning on my website page https://www.achawater.com/top-best-water-purifiers-in-india.html

29 April 2013

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Best home water purifier in India, How to buy water purifiers in India Most of what I say in this post is also on my website AchaWater.c...